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Friday, June 30, 2006


Yahoo it's the summer!

Well boys and girls I can't believe that another year has gone by. I was looking back at photographs of our first year together and it's amazing how much each of you have grown! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and have lots of fun wherever you are. It doesn't matter if you are staying at home or travelling around the world, there is always fun to be found!! I'm going to Bali for one month in August and staying on this beach called Dreamland - my perfect place!

Debbie's summer vacation

This summer I wish I could go to Australia, because in there I can go to the zoo.The faviorte thing is I could hug the koalas, take pictures with kangroos and other anmials. But some times I am scared of the zoo too, because there are also alligaters and crocodiles (they look like stones because they don't even move) and dingoes (I kind of dog) that are very mean. I wish to see many more thing than thoses and wish every one has a happy sumer vacation.
I wish that everyone have a wonderful year.


This summer my father will take me to china to play. Said really I dont like there because there was very dirty. But is ok maybe this time we will have a good time at there. I will not be back next semester I will go to anyohther school.

Hong Kong

7/2 I will go to Hong kong play disey. Ya.
This is the airplane that iI will sit.
My mom said we will wake up at 4:30
If I came back, I will stick some picture on it.
TPE 09:00
HKG 10:45

Where will i go in summer

This summer I am going to Japan again! But this time I am not going to Disney Land.....This time I am going to ..Hello Kitty theme park...(os:I don't like Hello Kitty ??...I want Pooh....)
I am going on July 6 for 6 days...I don't want Hello Kitty.....But we are going to Japan's other places too! This is the second time I want to Japan.

My Summer Vacation

When the summer vacation starts, I am going to travel around Taiwan with my parents. When we arrive at an amusement park, my older cousins will come on the rides with me because my parents are scared of rollercoasters, as I love to ride on them. I even enjoy riding on rides that goes upside-down many times. I wanted to invite someone from school to go with me, but I decided not to because I don't really know them alot yet. So, instead I invited my older cousins, because they love rollercoasters too. I am probally going to sleep the whole way through the car ride, because every single time I get into the car, I cannot stop sleeping. My dad told me that if he sees me falling asleep in the backseat, he will ask my mom to spray some freezing cold water on me so that I can wake up to see the beautiful view.
Since I had already been onto the mountains with my parents, I don't think my dad would drive into the moutains again. I really hope that this summer will be the best summer ever.

My Vacation

On my vacation,mom told me that our family is going to Singapore to see my brother.And after that I will go to "hong kong Disneyland" To play.I am so excited that we have to go to place at the same time.But!My summer homework need to finish all over it.And this Sunday I will go to watch movie with Shannon,And next next Saturday I will watch movie with my friend.That my vacation.

My Vacation

I will go to America this summer, but only for a week. I will go there to see my best friends and my favorite food. I have been hoping to go to America when I started school. I will also go to Universal Studios and play the mummy ride. That ride is really fun. You can feel bugs crawling in you but it is just water and good effects. They use neon lights with the outings of mumies. In the outside you can even take pictures with the mummy. I have also planned to take a picture with King Kong. Going to America is one of the funnest place I had ever been to.

What I do in Summer time

I will go to pan-hoo to play just 3 day 2 night??? and than I will go to Taipai to play we will go to ma-la-wain with my family I think it will be very fun. I will ask Steven to come to my home.
Do you want to come phone me 22961***/\_/\

Debbie's summer camp

My summer vacation

This summer I think my mother will not bring me to any place. I will finish my summer homework and play the computer games. At night I will see the football world cup. I hope England will win because teacher Michael will give us eat macdonol.

My fun summer vacation

This summer I will go to Taipei to meet my auntie and my sister, when they came back they always bought a lot of cookies and toys,my mom usually take us to eat Mcdonald's, my aunt sometime take me to the market and amusement park, maybe I will go to Japan with my family or my mom's friend and my mom say if I did the good job on my final test, she will takes me to buy the things I want.But the bad information is : I wiil never come back to this schoool to meet classmate and my best teacher.

In summer vacation I am going to have basketballl class,swimming class and writting class.I have a friend in China and he is coming back to Taiwan.

My summer vacation

The summer vacatin I will come to school's summercamp volcation and go to Australia to lurn with there people.On turesday me, my sister, and my mother went to listen the speach for going to Australia.They told us about Australia.They told us that australia has many beautiful things and animals like kangaroo and kowala.when I come to summercamp in morning I will lurn chines afternoon I will have English lesson.

Summer forcation

This summer, I am going to play lots of computer games, but I won't go any other countary, I will only go to some place in Taiwan, like Taipei, it will be very fun over their. And I will also study in Chinses class also the most inportant thing, playing basketball.

Summer Vacation

During the summer vacation, I am coming to school and having some classes for preparing to go to the junior high school. In the morning, we will have Chinese class and in ther afternoon we will have English class. We will have play time in the afternoon, and forieghn teachers teaching us. At first I am exciting to go to the summer camp, but when I know that we have to learn very difficult things in the morning I think it is boring. I felt sad because Rita and Shannon aren't coming to the summer camp with me.

Summer Vacation

This summer vacation, me and my family will go to England, I will finish my summer vacation homework first. Father's day is coming, so I will get better in my grades and behavior to respond my father's love.

I'll want to play the Age of Mythology and Age of Mythology:The Titans.I have been playing the Age of EmpiresII andIII, when I found this cool game by putting Age of Empires I and II and ancient myths. It got a lot of cool things like Titans, Anubite , Peagus(Flying horse), the 3 headed dragon and more!There are manor gods:Zeus,Gaia(goddess of land), Kronos.........And got even the lost city-Atlantis!You will know how fun this is when you play.

The summer volcation

This summer I am going to play computer, go to school's summer camp and also sleep very late.This summer I will get more level in my computer game, will be better because the summer camp, and get stronger because of the sleep.I think I will have a very good summer this year.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fun games

Friday, June 16, 2006

World cup music

T.M, can you tell me where can the 2006 world cup's music??????????If who know, tell me. It is so good to hear.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ritchie Valens

Ritchie Valens was the first Chicano rock and roll star, his best remembered hit, "La Bamba," just one month before his untimely death with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper on February 3, 1959.
The Joseph Steven Valenzuela family live in the San Fernando north of Los Angeles. His youngest son, Richard Steven, was born May 13, 1941 in County Osteopathic Hospital. By the age of five, he is interested in making musics by his own.When Ritchie was left- handed, he is eager to learn the instrument he mastered the traditionally right-handed instrument.
When he was sixteen years old, he was invited to join a local band named The Silhouettes as guitarist.