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Monday, May 22, 2006

a joke....

Demi's one teacher take her student to go to swimming... The student of demi's teacher is third grade, but she don't know how to wear the swimming suit...when that student comes out everybody laugh.Because the student wear the inside of the swimming suit came out!(color is like our skin that side) Demi's teacher told that student need to change.... So that student wear the back of the swimming suit to infront. And the back of that swimming suit is very .......(like one day Demi's shirt everybody said HOT)...and when everyone saw that student they laugh loud..............(THIS IS REAL THING!)

Science Fair

We had a science fair at school, my topic is about dogs. I want to find out that if every dogs like the same foods. And did the dogs like dry food or wet food. I bought two kinds of food and I try on my dog, my cousins dog and the pet shop's dog. I feed them and took pictures. Not every dogs like the same food. My dog likes to eat dry food and the dogs in the pet shop likes to eat wet food. I choose this title because I like dogs very much. And if I choose this topic I can go to the dog shop and play with the dogs. When I found out the information about dogs I organized them and make it to a powerpoint. When teacher Claire help me to print it out I paste it on a board. Then I will have a good science fair project.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


my uncle's baby

Thursday, May 04, 2006


GO to (

Monday, May 01, 2006


Any one in Tau class wants maplestory GASH. I have many in my home that I don't need, if you want one send E-mail to me or tell me in the breaktime. My E-mail is:



My cousin came to my home at Sunday we see a movie at the computer togther, we could not go in to the Internet, I do not know why so we see the movie. I forgot what the movie's name, the movie was very intesting and a little sad, the movie was talking about there were 5 children they want to the mountain hole, they got stuck in the hole, so they went to find anotherhole to get out, there parents were very worry to them. AT last they went out there parent were very happy


Don't you think there was too much homework for last weeken? I do think. Report, Science Sheet, Mega Flash and The Plot of Our Story, it makes me need to do the English homework for two days. I feel very bad for that, because I will have shorter time to play. Teacher, can you give us less homework? Please.

after the mid-term

after the chinese and english mid-term,my face is?^0^ english mid-term is ok and chiese were good^0^...chinese 100 again=.=(third time)and the others were good.Espacially is I get third in chinese!! So I have my little P...(psp)this is number 5 time that I said to my mom and dad if my chiese are good and I want psp~~>o< I finally have!

My Weekend

I had a good weekend.Saturday I went to movie theater to watched movie-Naruto.When we finished Naruto we went home my mom said I was good at the theater,so I could play two hour computer.At Sunday I went back to Nantou to looked my grandma also saw the beautiful light bug. This is a good weekend and I wish every weekend can be like this.

Homework everyday!

Don't you think that writing a lot of homework make you mad?? Homeworks are a bit cruel , but you would want more play times or more homework time , didn't you ? Today , or next day or holidays, homeworks would make flood! Instead of looking this post , maybe you'd be thinking that A LOT of homework make you boring after . Mega Flash , Science stuffs ( some are fun ) , ......... , I do this report is just to tell you things about homework . ( Infact , writing home is good for you , but I'll say things about that next time ) .But more play times are good , though .

Terrible Science Test

I have reviewed many things about tomarrow's Science Test. BUT fortunately, we have no Science Test tomarrow. I was so happy.Because everytime my science score was terrible. Eventhough that I studied very hard. The reason why we don'thave Sciencde class is because the Watoto is coming to our school. The orchestra and the singing teamare going to present the song. And the speech team is going to play a skit for us.I wish everyone will like the things we present for you guys.

I Forgot

Today is my sister's birthday, I almost forgot that it is her birthday. I didn't buy gifts for her. I think this will be a very special birthday for her, because she is having test on her Chinese class and English class. And it will be a special day for me because my sister will punch me with her hand because I didn't buy gifts for her. I will be very sorry to her so will my mom. I think my sister had forgotten that today is her birthday because these days she is too concentrate to her test so she will forgot it. My mom always tells me to learn my sister's learning atitude, maybe next time I will forget that when is my birthday because I am too concentrate to my homework. But my birthday is on summer vacation so I won't forget my birthday.

Last Saturday

Last Saturday I want to Jiji play and live in Sunmoon Lake's five star hotal.That was great and expensive!My family take me to Jiji's train station,because I never took a train ride.At the train I took a lot of picture of mountain.After that,we drove to hotal and take a rest.The bed is so expencive and the T.V is so big,and the coolest one is the bath tub because it have the massage thing and when you are in the bath tub with the water, you can just push the button, and it will start massaging you.In the afternoon we took cruise on the boat to the other place in the sunmoon lake,and when we come back it was dinner time.The food was so delicious that I don't want to go home,I want to stay here for ever!

The fun weekend for me.

Last weekend, I didn't go anywhere to play, you knoe what did I do? I just stayed at home and do my science's things,I wish this will not happen again,but on Sunday morning,I ate my favorite food, noodle,after that, my mom called me to do my work, when I am doing the project,the water sprout out and my bedroom was a little messy,so I just cleaned it last, I finished and my mom said that she was going to take me to my uncle's house.Why I am happy about this is bacause my uncle treat me well and he always give me many gifts.That is why I love to go to their.

My three hour T.V. day

Yesterday when I wake up I saw my mother and my mother and my sister was slipping so I whent to see about three hour of T.V. my mother and my sister woke up.We when to eat noodle.When we finished we whent to a book stor.I buy a comeputer game.

The good and also terrible tuesday !~(-_-)

Good news for us ! Do you know the Watoto is comming to our school to sing songs ? It's really fun. I was very happy because Our school's music class is also singing and I am inside. cool!~
I hope tuesday is here now, but the bad news is it's tommorrow we are going to have spelling test Oh! Goodness!~ so bad I'm going to cry because I didn't remember very well Oh No !
Wha Wha.................!~(terrible)

Flight simulator

Yeaterday I played flight similator. It was so fun. I flew the aircraft in to the water!!!!!I flew 747 from one airport to another airport. You can fly any airplane you want. One time I flew 1 hour and flew 777 to the north pole. Than I land on the ice, but it was too quick and it can't stop.

My Feelings

I feel very happy because this weekend I can go with my dad to go catch shrimp. I am a very good shrimp catcher. Me and my dad has caught 17 of them. We can eat something at that shop. We use are catched shrimp to make food. I feel very good going shrimp catching with my dad.


Last Saturday I needed to do my science fair so I need to stayed at home all day. Because my scince fair is to see which kind of battary is the most powerful .So frist I put the battary in to the flashlight and opened it at the same time.And one hour I needed to go see if it still have power. So it take me about 8 hour to finnished the science fair so I ate alot that day. And it is so boring.

Scary test

On sunday I went to test the test was very difficult. Before I went in I thought it was very easy, but after the teacher give me the test paper I cange my mind. The first test was chinese it tested us who did something well and when did the thing happened. The secend test is math, I think math is easy, so I think my math score will be good


Today is a good day because I finish my practice book, so I can go to the computer class.5/1
4/30 Yesterday is a good day too because my mother said if I can finish six pages of math in 30 minute I can play a new game it is a big bingo! In the night I ate three bowls of noodles because I am too hungry.

losing wieght

On saturday and sunday, I ate pizza for both day's lunch and dinner. When I went to SPA, I went to see my wieght, my wieght increased 2 kilogram. I decided to lose wieght, I swam for 1 hour and not stopping, then I ran 10 full runnig tracks. This time when I went to see my wieght, my wieght decreased 1 kilogram.