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Monday, April 17, 2006

Cool gun shoot game

Every one, you go to here.
When you go in, you download it. It was vrey vrey fun!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S., when you go play, you click H, than you can gun fight when computer.>_<

Friday, April 14, 2006


Today is a good day because I got 97 on my chinees test,81 on the math test. Tomorrow I will go to play golf now I am going to try if can hit to 100 meters.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Terrible Weekend

In the weekend, I studied homework. I also played game on the computer. The games were scary but I also enjoyed it alongside. In then game, you had to follow the rules to attack other people or players. I like to play this game because it was a little bloody. (Like a thriller movie).
In the weekend, even though my mother told me to study, I still didn't really listen. The homework hard but I still got out of it. I really hope that next time, I can emprove better and quicker.

This is a picture of a volcano named St.Helens. I had saw this picture on a movie that teacher Michael give us to watch after the midterm. We had a story about volcanoes in the reading book. When I am watching the movie, at first I thought the pictures are all make by the computer, but when I saw the volcanoes and the lava I know that are real. The pictures are all so good and wonderful.

4/10 A Lucky Day

I had a lucky day today because my mom promised me if all of my score plus together can be over 285 she will buy me another GBA! Also my dad told me he will buy me many gift too school I had computer class and I borrowed an excellent book. I wish every day can happen these thing and my score can over 285.

What I did this weekend

The things I did this weekend were...I went to a school to have a test! The test is to go in junior high school's test .It was just for fun=.=+...My mom said that is a good school so she wanted me to have a practice test. It was a little bit difficult, especially the math and the science,some of the math or science questions are for grade 6 students,so I don't think I will get a good score on them. But Chinese and social study seemed very easy to me^^~......
The score will come out next weekend..I hope my scores are good^^""..or else I will get killed by my father="= ...and I have to do good on my chinese mid-term~because I have a bet with my dad......if my chinese score and english are good...I can have a "PSP" ^^....but I always didn't get......and this is my fifth time trying ...! >\\\<~~....

About my life-Joey~What I do daily or vacations

I am a twelve year old boy and I have four family members. I like to play online games like most people. My birthday is April thirteenth(same as when my brother goes on T.V.). I like to watch many things like Naruto and my favorite comic is called Demon Diary. When we have vacation, my family and I will go out or maybe even go to places like America or just different part of taiwan. Whenever I come back from school my dad and mom always teaches me homework and my brother plays with me when he has free time. I always try my best to learn what my family teaches me. Some of the music types I like are rock or new jazz. I like to listen to my brother play guitar. My brother helps me download music on kuro. I have a great family and this is my life.

about my life-Jesse

I am Jesse, I like to read scary stories ( Books of stuff that is scary) , When I first bought "Cirque Du Freak" and "The Vampires Assistant" , I felt excited . I want to buy more of other scary stories of Darren Shan's books . Now I have "Lord Loss", the new book of "The Demonata" , which is the newest book. But my mom said there were too many books in my home , maybe I should read some old books in my home . Now, I would like these books:

  1. Tunnels of blood
  2. Vampire Mountain
  3. Trials of Death
  4. The Vampire prince
  5. Hunters of the Dusk
  6. Killers of the Dawn
  7. The Lake of Souls
  8. Lord of The Shadows
  9. Sons of Destiny (it is a lot!>-<)

If I want The 9 books my mom will say : "Finish the books in the fourth floor first !"

4/10~The first day when I started to want to be a Doctor

When I was small, I wanted to be doctor because my father. He taught me lots of things about medicine when I was just four age. Form that day, I started to get interested to medicine, and wanted to be a doctor. "Doctor will be a good occupation for me", I always thought like this even I grow up or I was small.

My weeken

Yesterday when I woke up I went to finish my home work.I has some cookies and some milk.W hen I finished my brekfast I went to play comeputer for two hours.I Went to see T.V.I saw that there was a scary T.V.When it was noon me my mother and my sister went to eat noodles I saw a bug in my noodle.That was the scary thing in that day.

My mom and me

When I feel sad I will listen to some lovely ballads and eat some chocolates and that's what my mom tells me. My mom is my special hero to me. When I do something wrong, she tells me what I did wrong. This time,I did'nt do well on my Grammar test. My mom was so angry. But at last, she comforted me and told me to do well on the test next time.Then I felt so happy.On the weekend, my mom and I will go shopping. My mom likes to buys things. She always buy a lot of beautiful clothes.My mom always knows what I like and what I don't like. She buys the things that I want, but if I am good. My mom is like a mirror to me. The thing that I want to say is I love my mom very much.

My Fun Weekend

On Saturday night,I went to Fung-ja and I went to buy the frog's toy,I love it very much,my mom said that I could buy the toy if I did the good job.But my grammar's score is lower than I thought it would be,if my mom know that I did the bad job in grammar.She will kill me.On Sunday morning,my mom and my aunt brought us to TigerCity.I ate Mcdonald inside but we didn't have any fun inside.After that,we went to Idee to buy our clothes and I ate the icecream.I have a bad news is my grandmother was sick and I am worry about her.

A bad day

On April 4th I broke my foot and I can not move. So I sat on a weel chair and this Saturbay and Sunday I didnt go any were so I just stay at home and review and it is very bored and I cant walk it was bad because i like to walk so my feet is hurt and it feel bad and very thing is my mother help me and todayApril 10th I can walk but it is still hurt.


In the morning I woke up at 6:00, my grandfather and my father were going to Japan, we helped them and they sat on a car and they went away.
12:30 I went to music class when it is breaktime I thought I was going to writing class but my mother said that because Danny is here so I don't have writing class. It was the best saturday.

What I do when I feel sad

When I feel sad or I have a bad score on my test in school, I will play the piano to make my feeling better. Playing piano is my favorite hobby to do . I enjoy listening to music when I am sleeping or doing my homework. Usually my sister will turn off the music so I will argue with her. I always tell my mom I want my own bedroom so I can listen to any music I want . I will feel better if I listen to music and no one is talking. It makes me relax and not nervous anymore even if I am taking a midterm. I really like to listen to music and play music. My favorite class is music class, it is a fun class to let us know more things about music. I also wish I can have a new radio, because my radio has broken.

good friend

In kindergarden, when I was going to go to the school for the first day, I cried because I missed my mother. That time a girl came to play with me so I stopped crying. I was very happy to have a kind and nice girl to be my friend. When I am going to go to the elementary school, we promised we will keep in touch. But the funny thing is that we were in the same elementary school in the same class and their home is just beside us.

Nothing Beats A life With A Phone In Your Hand

When I feel sad or even lonely, sometimes when my dad is not around, I just find it very difficult to cooperate with my other relatives or even my own mother. I just pick up the phone think who to call that will cheer me up. The best solution that I always get is to call someone from school that I know very well. But just rarely I don't know the phone number. Then at this state, I just call someone else in the class, and ask for the phone number of that person. When I get to call the person I wanted to, picks up the phone, I just surprise them with a loud hello. It always makes that person laugh so loud that I can even here in the background that his or her parents are yelling at them to stop giggling and to calm down. We would talk on for more than two hours, if we are in a rush, we talk no more than one hour. We would talk about all the things that happened in our homes or even what we think of lessons from school. (Even sometimes who we like.) But since after moving back to my home country, "that tradition" I do with my friends in Holland, has ended. I really miss all my friends in different ways, but what has to be done is all that matters to me. I really wish I can become this close to my classmates in my home country.

The first time I ride on the airplane.

The first time I rode on the airplane, I felt exsited. When I went up the 747, I felt suprise. Because I saw inside have 11 seat in each row. But the food on the airplane was so yucky. I want to throw up!!!! Scary thing was, airplane went up up down down!!! The pilot said it was ok. Last we land on Japan.

My life - Going to school

Every time I wake up very slow , so one day I wake up very quick at 6:00 but I thought it was 7:30 I saw my mom and my father were still sleeping and my father too. I wanted to wake my mom and father up I yell''FATHER MOTHER WAKE UP !!!!!''but they were still sleeping. I deside to change my shirt, then I change my shirt. I wrote a letter on an paper ,and I take some money to buy the breakfast. Then I go to school I did not see anyone on the road and I thouget I was late the door was loke I could not go in. My mom came, she said''Today is Sunday you do not need to go to your school!'' then I laught. My mom told my teacher, my teacher laught. =.= >>.<<

THE END!!!!!!!

 ?the detail of tornado

Tokyo journey

The fun thing in my life is in last winter my mom took me to Japan. The first day we live in Tokyo and the next morning we went to Tokyo Disney Land. When we went in we first go to play the space journey. When we sit on the space boat, it went so hight that I thought it would went down very fast so I am very scare. It went down very slow, so my mother said it went down so slow why are you scare, I answered because it go so high. That was a very fun day.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Who can help me !~

Yesterday I left my english mickey bag in the school if who goes to school tomorrow please help me keep it, because inside is my english daily report book and other english stuff, thank you!
But if no body go to school tomorrow it is ok, because I'll find it by myself on monday.
P.S: it is a black mickey bag and has two barbie on it.

Friday, April 07, 2006

funny stuff

Teacher Michael, where did you find the funny stuff. Can you send it to me?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

So Bad

Today there is lots of things to review. Tomorrow is grammar test, Chinese unit 1~5 unit test and 2 chinese math test paper. What should I review first, what a difficult guestion? I wish I have lots of time.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Eye of the Storm

Warren Faidley is a storm chaser . Warren Faidley'sfirst experience was when he was a little boy. Warren Fidley lives in Tucson, Arizona. Warren Faidleyt usually photos lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes, he became famous because he took the best and closest picture of lightning. Warren Faidley wrote a diary on May 5, 1993, the remarkable day.That day Warren Faidley saw 7 tornadoes! Warren sold the pictures after he took them.

Teacher Michael, is my summary ok?

A Show on T.V.

My brother is going on a very weird show.The show involves many people that get together and make couples. I think my brother is very weird that he wants to join. There are two show host. I think my brother will be kicked out in the first round. Very sad>"<. The program is on the28th channel the time is 9o'clock.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The last 20 minute of happy fool's day!!!!

Now is the last 20 minute of happy fool's day!!!!Bye bye happy fool's day!!!!!