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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

T.Claire I still can't find my MEGE FLASH.

Monday, March 27, 2006

We do it because we care!

Hi kids, I know that today was not the greatest of days. It is important for you all to know that when we have to say hard words to you it is not because we like getting mad. We REALLY don't.

There is nothing Teacher Claire or I hate more than being angry angry teachers.
It is no fun for you or us.

So why do we do it?

The answer is easy.

We do it because we care.

We care about how well you work.
We care about how happy you are.
We care about your brains.
We care about the way you use these important years of your life.

Number 1, most importantly, we care very much about every single one of you!

Just remember, if you do your best then we can never ask for more.

Please don't forget this.

I know you can all get great scores.

We want to be happy, fun teachers!

Don't let us down!

Don't let us down, kids! We are expecting you guys will have good midterm results. Please do you good job, finish your homework that we ask, and review, review, review, review.......
with love ******

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Today is a good day, I give all my homework in englishclass, we will go to Tom Dragon because, we get twenty -eight on the spelling test and today we have swimming class!
A bad thing is today alot people didn't bring there homework or didn't write the homework, T.Viny is to angry that she doesn't to teach us.

My Little Brother

Hello, this is my brother, his english name is Wawa,he was just borned for 5 months, every body likes him so much, me too,everyday he is very noisy,my friends have see him before in school.Many people said he is very cute.Next time, my mom will bring him to the school.

The Future of The Internet

The future of the internet will have more websites than we have now. It can also talk to other people on the internet without a microphone. The internet can give you tons of information that are not availible now. You can see live concerts on the internet and also play games that need your body. I hope the future is now.

Delicious cake

This cake looks so delicious, we are going to buy this one,but we cannot find where is it, I wish this cake can be my birthday cake and I will bring to school to give every studentha ha ha.

The future of the internet

In the future , the internet will be popular . Until one day aq new thing is invented , this thing will be simmilarto internet to internet, but dosen't have "ADSL". You can sewe boooks on the internet and put your hand in to the computer , then you'll have the book in your hand ! It is very good , don't you think , readers?

The Future of Internet !

In the future, maybe internet will be on the T.V, so we can play games on it. Maybe good people can jump into the internet and hide or play, or maybe we could take the toys out of the internetand play. I hope our internet can be very wonderful, that everyone inthe world would love it !

Saturday, March 25, 2006

This is another good game.

This is a very good game.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The pizza looks so good!

Hello there Tau class. I just wanted to show you this picture as an incentive to review. (incentive = Something to make people do something e.g. Putting a carrot in front of a horse is an incentive to make it walk)

Of course, if you don't like to eat pizza or watch movies..... I'll turn you into apples!


Monday, March 20, 2006


( Just today in school, a 8 year old boy, that is in my Chinese class, told me that he likes me. I find it very ridiculous. )

We played a spelling throw game during English-Reading class. I enjoyed it because we standed very close to the black board, to shoot the paper ball. At first it was hard for me to understand, but after seeing other classmates playing, I got the hang of it. I hope we can play it again next time. ( Only quicker ).

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Phantom of the Opera musical !

I think the phantom of the opera musical is the best show that I have never, because those people danced and sang so beautifully that when I finish wachting that show I cried a lot, the reason is that so is too impressiveness !~
I hope that next time have some more splendid show to see ! P.S: I hope that next time everyone in our class can see the show in the Concert Hall !~


Yesday is a good day I lived in the school's library and I saw T.viny's boy friend ask her that can she marry him.
At the morning, we are the thirdclass who get the breakfast.(sorry I can't find the pictures.)


This is my favorate dog.

Fullmetal Alchemist

This is one of my favorite cartoons. Edward and Alphonse Elric is the main character of this story. The big brother is Ed and his hand and leg is made of metal. His brother Al is a suit of armour. They look for something that can make Al back to human. I like this picture is because his brother already turned back to human.=)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

This is a terrible

My faviorte picture !~

This week I chose this picture to post on the web, because I have many reasons to tell you.
"The first one" is I think this picture is a girl imagines that this girl has a pair of angel the wing,since she is very loneliness that she wants to go out and play.
"The second one" is I also think this picture is telling that she wants to depart this window, faces the dream to fly, and creates another own sky.
"The thrid one" is I think she preserves a pure heart and not being a bad guy to do bad things that hurts people.
So I think so long as everyone on the world preserves a pure heart, nobody will do bad things and our earth will be clear and good.
P.S: I also thinks everyone in our school has a pure heart, because the teacher in our school gives us good educations.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday

Wednesday is my brother's birthday, we ate the cake at night. We have eaten a chocolate cake, it was dilicious. We had taken many lovely picture, it was a good day.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Warren Fadley!

"In the world of storm chasing -- Warren Faidley is consideredat the top of the list

Over the past 15 years storm adventurer Warren Faidley has pursued, photographed, written about, obsessed over, filmed, cursed at and somehow survived some of the planet's most breathtaking and savage weather. During his action-packed career of over 18 years, it is likely he has experienced more assorted extreme weather events than anyone -- including baseball-sized hail, flash floods, lightning strikes, an F-5 tornado and the interior of a category 5 hurricane -- the most violent of storms. On numerous occasions, beginning at age 12, he has narrowly escaped disaster while pursuing extreme weather.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Warren Faidley

This is Warren Faidley, the amazing storm chaser. We had just read the book of Warren Faidley, he photo the big black tornadoes on the sky. Being a tornado photographer is a dangerous and full of adventure job. I am scared to be a tornado photographer.

the story of hurican

The Most Dangerous TORNADO

this pictore is Warren Faiedly took,this is the most cool i've never see,i want to take a picture like that, i can be a photographer when igrow up and learn more things about that.


These pictures are my favorite, because we can't see these natural disasters every year. When you want to photo these pictures, you need alot of time, patience and good equipments.

A Living Storm Chaser

A young child risking his own life, turned out to be his job after years.

Warren Faidley risked his own life at the age of 12 when he was slepped away by a flash flood.
Not long after his accident, his very first time chasing a storm happened in a small, southwestern Texas town, which was destroyed by "killer tornado." Not long after, in 1988 he was pushed to the ground by a nearby lightning, that caused a storm. By 1989 the teen had changed his journalism career into a full-time storm chasing photographer.
Over the past 15 years, Warren Faidley has traveled thousands of miles covering over 16 states. His travels have been filled with the memories of wonder and beauty that he discovered as a storm chaser.
Despite that Warren's plans on catching a tornado is deadly dangerous, in 1987 he was knocked to the ground again by a larger lightning bolt that caused him to jump back but without noticing, Warren caught "The Picture". That picture has been used for many reasons. His great work amazes others that he can do such a life risking work.

Storm Chaser

Warren Faidley"The world's first, full-time, professional storm chaser"

Go to!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Brother

My brother's name is Alex. He has black hair with little golden strips of hair on his front. My brother spend most of his time in America. He went to a college called UC Rivverside. My brother always helps me with my homework and he plays with me. We often play games on the internet. My brother is not always nice to me though. He often hits me and think he knows Tai chi or kung fu. So sometimes he can be good and sometimes he can be acting really mean, but I like playing with my brother and I think he is realy cool. When I grow up I wan't to be just like my big old brother.

My Great, Funny and Loving Dad!!

My dad is called"Lucas." He is 186cm tall. He loves any colour thats relaxing. My dad is the best dad you can ever have. Since I was small, he treats me like a little princess. When I am sad or down, my dad will cheer me up with a joke that will make me hard to hide my smile. I just burst out into laughter. If my dad goes out on a working trip, inside Europe or China, I am always very sad. My stomach starts hurting, my head starts hurting, everything starts to hurt. This is because my dad wraps around me with his love and support. Sometimes it makes me think that I am spoiled, but after a while, I just forget. When I get the chance to play with my dad, after homework, I get much to hyper that my mom tells me to calm down. My dad helps me alot with school homework. Even though he can't read or understand Chinese, I always go to him for help after my mom translated it for me.

My dog

Ha ha. This is my dog. It was so cute. My dog is very smart. When I open door, he will run out. But if you close the door, he will run back. One time my mom want to go out to buy some rice. And our dog didn't come back. How ever my mom close the door. So my mom went out. When my mom came back, our dog run back. It was so smart.

My Brother

My brother name John,he is very tall,about 180 cm taller then my father,so when i talk whith him i always need to raise one's head.His eyes is very small,so i can't discriminate he is sleeping or not.
My brother just come back from Singapor yesterday,but he just come back fore 1 week,he is very nice to people,that's whay i like him,but he is a little selfish,i hope he don't go to Singapor again,because our family miss you alot~

My Family

This is the picture about my family in New Zealand.

This is a picture on a bout

This is apicture in the hotel.

This is my sister

This is my older sister

This is my older sister, she is 25 years old now. She has long,black hair.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

My Mother

This is my mom.She is beautiful and kind.When I am good she will give me some little gift.I love her and she love me.

My Best Mom

I love my mom very much. She always help me for many things, like homework, and also teaches me Englsh. Sometimes I will be angry to my family and specially my mom, I always say sorry to her when my emotion become better. I am very sorry about that, but I don't know why, if I angry to her, she won't hit me, and just taught me that it is wrong. Many people said that parents mad at you was all good for you, at first I don't believe it, but when I feel that my mother had always mad at me but always were good for me. The other reason that I love my mom because she will buy many beautiful clothes and qute dolls for me, and she always wear old clothes, sometimes if I say I'll buy for you, she always said I already have many clothes. But I don't believe it.
I love you very......... much!

Some cool greeting Cards!

This is a cool place that has many greeting cards !! inside has many kinds of card too! choses by yourself!

My Father

I have a good father that is storng. He is 173cm tall and his name is Lucas. His name is Lucas because he think George Lucas is a good derict that mades the movie Star War, and he also likes that movie the best.My daddy frequently goes abroad makes money for our family. He is a best daddy on the world for my family because he every day makes merry and very diligently making money for all of our family.Therefore I must thank him, moreover he also is I thinks the greatest daddy on the hole wide world !!! [*^_^*]~Happy!

My mother

My mother is a very good person. I like she very much. My mother's name is called Amy, I think is a nice name./\_/\My mother likes to talk joke. I like my mother when she is happy. She will cooks a lot of things to give me eat(this is why I am fat.)?just a joke. My mother is a math teacher she teaches math at F.H.B.E.S. but just at Wen. day. She is very kind. When I have things do not no, she will teach me. She tahat me to go to F.H.B.E.S. because here is beter. She always give me good things. I have a wish is when I grown up I will do the same things to my children. My mother is just like a hero belong to me. She is a very nice and kind mother.
I ? U~!mom

Friday, March 10, 2006

My sister

This a picture of my sister wearing Korea clothes when we went to Korea. My sister treat people nicely and is always willing to help others. She also has good grades in school and her English is awesome. When our family has someone that is sad, she'll be the happy nut and make the person happy. When there are someone happy, she'll cheer with him/her. So everyone in our family loves her.

Teacher Claire

I finished my chinese copying in the afternoon's 2 break time in the Office of Student Affairs, but every breaktime I need to go to the Office of Student Affairs. So I have no time to give you my copy work. This is all real. Can I give it on Monday?


This is a picture of when we are going to our hotel, on the road we saw goats lining up to go to other place.(no body help them.)

The funny birthday celebration

This is a picture of my father's year birthday celebration. In the picture my father and I are wishing and my sister is playing my father's head HaHaHa! (practically I am playing too HaHaHa!)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So cool

Ya!!!!!!!!! Today our homework are so little. I am so happy. But...................I think tomorrow homework will turn very many. :D

2 things

1.I was caught speaking Chinese when I'm playing basketball, so I need to copy 7 pages of The Eye Of The Storms, I want to cry.

2.Today when we are practicing soccer, teacher Ken told us that only 8 groups are going to the new soccer competition. So we only need to beat 2 groups and we can maybe become the first or the second place. There is 1 bad thing and 1 good thing happen today.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Sorry, Angel !!!!

Today I played games with Rita in the classroom.Angel asked me to go to play monkeybar at the breaktime, so I say that if I finish playing this game, I will go to the playground to find you. When me and Rita finish the game, I quickly ran down the stairs and went to find Angel. But when I found Angel, it was classtime. Angel was very angry, so I promise her that I will play with her for every breaktime.
Angel, I am very very very sorry!!!!!


T.Michael, when I go to the ( it will turn to another page can you try it ?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Our fun vaction

This vaction we went to swim I like to swim, I go with my sister, brother, mother and my aunt's children. We nad play water slide and many many things. I am happy because I lost one whieght YA!!!~~~ XD(menigs very happy)

Golden Retriever

when i am in winter vacation, i found this pictures on the internet, iloved this pictures very much, when i went downstairs, i saw 2 people were walking the golden retriever, i am so happy because my mom said that i could go piayed with them.That 2 people told me alot of things about the dogs, i told my mom that dat i leanred many thing.

The Black Angel

The black angel has white wings that shine beautifully but it wears a black dress it is contrast color but I think it is so pretty and special. It also has a gray hair with white flowers on her head. Her feathers on the wings had even fallen down ,that seem like white snows had fallen from the sky! I love this picure because the black angel is so special that normally the angel is all white and this on is black!~~~~I hope I could really see a realy angel in my hole life that no matter is what color .

The two twins having Birthday

This is my faviorte picture of this week, because it is talking about two twins having a birthday. They both have lovely red hair and wore pink clothes. the birthday cake is so beautiful that looks so yummy that I wanted yo eat too! So my faviorte picture in this week is this because I think it is so pretty !!!!
*** [^_^]***


Ya! My mom help me borrow a movie. It was Flighplan. Because I have no time to go to movie theater se this movie.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Yesterday is a bad day, I have 6 Chinese homework English have bookreport, spelling word and spelling bee.
Today, moning I have music class in 12:30 ~1:30,2:00~4:00 writing, 4:30~6:30 mathclass, 6:30~7:00 eat dinner,and 7:00~8:00 is writing homework.

My favort vacion

Fridat when Iwhent home me and my sister,and my mother whent to eat many thing I ate pig meat rice my mother and my sister eat noodle. When we finish me and my sister whent to studypiano.


last week i finish my 6 book reports.... I write it near 4 hours= = because some of the book I haven't read~and on March 18~19 I can go to school's libary to live in their 1 day^~^ T.Viny this time she will be in there too ^~^ (ya^^)

Friday, March 03, 2006

A fun computer game

There is a really fun computer game called Gunbound. You can pick many character and fight. You have to press the arrow keys to walk and space to shoot. The hard thing about this game is that you have to measure the wind,angle, and how much power. It is a real fun strategy game. My favorite character is nak= a spider and grub= a yellow slug. Hope you can try this game too!

Score! Oh Yeah!

(Just a report)
In 2005, August 31, Future Heir bilingual Elementary School has a new "Soccer Team." We needed to run fast, jump far and your precision needed to be very high or you couldn't go in the soccer team. We practiced in school every Tuesday and Thursday in the after school club.
After a month, teacher Ken told us that in two more weeks we'd have a compitition Taichung. We quickly made a team, me, Dean, Jason, Efren, Jacky, Timothy Chen, Tiger and David Wang a team. After we're told, Monday to Friday's 8:00~8:20, we needed to run 5 full running ground track, 30 frog jumps, 20 sit ups and 20 push ups. Finally, it was the day to compete with others. We went to the soccer field to compete for once. At last, we won 2 games and lost 3 games. After this we went to eat McDonald.




Yesterday, we have a bad PE, we only play Tomdragon and dodgeballand we danced arobic three times.
In Tomdragon I played deadslide and chasing paul, I almost staped on a person that have been baredby balls. In dodgeball, paul always don't shoot us but only girls, and Jacky when he is died he don't go out, so it is boring.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


These are Gara. Gara is the person that I like the best in Naruto.


Saturday, is a bad day, in the morning I have music class and in the afternoon I have writing class and a teacher will come to my home to teach me things, and at night I have to write my homework and no time to play, so it is a bad day


This two gundam is my favorite. They both have shields, thegreen one has sword. The red one has a laser gun.