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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A boring day

Yesterday, Angel and Rita had a stomoache, so they went home in the afternoon. I ask Angel that was she alright, she said that she was fine, so I was not worried. I told the math homework to Angel, she said that she will tell Rita. The reason that I said that I had a boring day, because Angel and Rita are my good friends, so I felt boring. I wish that they can feel better when they come to school on Wednesday.
Angel,Rita, see you a Wednesday.

so strange

SO STRANGE!!!!!!!! My sister play the maze and when she went to the tiger place, Tiger didn't came out!!!!!!!!!! And when I play it,tiger came out!!!!! so strange!!!!!


This is my favorate picture,because it was cute and beautiful,and that is my favorate vartoon too!

Monday, February 27, 2006

good game

Today I have very good day.I played beat the mattle rock, it is in CBBC.

This is a picture from Gundam S Destiny. This is a picture of zaku in blue color. This robot is all blue, it has only one eye in the middle of his head. It has two wings at the back and two kinds of whip. I like it because it looks very cool!

My disney day

The secon day when me and my sister whent to Japan.We whent to Disney sea.There is no people so we can play maby all the thing.We play jurney game.My sister and my sister is very scard so they come to my sit.It is a fun day.

A Great Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend on Saturday I went to Hsing-Chu to see my grandma. That day me and my family slept at my cousins house which is also in Hsing-Chu. I played many games at my cousins house they have many wonderful toys. They also have like hundreds of dvd. Sometimes I borrow some of them and when I go home I can watch. When I got home at Tai-chung my brother told me we can go to the internet cafe but I waited for a long time and he didn't take me there. My mom said I can watch T.V. or play on my own computer because my brother lied to me but I still had a very wonderful time it was a great weekend.

basket ball

Yesterday my father took me to play basket ball, first we play shooting game I got 5 point my father get 6 point. Then we play the real basket ball my father get 5 point I get5 point we are ver happy


In Saturday,me and my brother wented to swim.Because my father and mother doesn't swim with me and my brother,so they play glog outside to wait for us.First i ran to the swimming pool and jumped in it,it was cold!I have got freezing in the water,and my brother laugh at me.


This is a car about Audi Q7. I will choose this picture because This car was so cool. And the biggest reason is my father is going to buy this car I am happy about that because I like this car very much.


In Saturday,me and my brother wented to swim.Because my father and mother doesn't swim with me and my brother,so they play glog outside to wait for us.First i ran to the swimming pool and jumped in it,it was cold!I have got freezing in the water,and my brother laugh at me.


Yesterday, I borrow a magic book from Dean. This book uses easy sentences and cute, beautiful picture. We can know how to make a string go over your body, how to make 3 different lengh of strings and make them the same long......

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Love river!!!!!!

Hi, my name is Robert. This picture is where I went to Kaohsiung. And there is a river.Its name is "love river". It was very gorgeous. Then we went to sat a boat. In side have many swallow and their ness. Our boat's ceilling can go down, it was so cool. I wish I can go to Kaohsiuhg again. >_<


This is a picture of me , my sister and PETER PAN.
We went to Tokeyo disney land we played alot of things , like coffie cup, winnie the pooh, take pictures, rollar coster.....allot of things.
I still have Japan's money, do you want to see it? I can bring it.

Sailor Saturn and Saturn

I love Sailor Saturn because her hair is the same color as Saturn and I like Saturn too ! They have the same blue color like the ocean and it shines very beautiful and lovely !!!!~ (^_^) ~Happy !

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Most cute Keroro

This is my favorite picture, and i will tell u about this, everyday i go to 7-11or hi-life, i always saw a lot of KERORO's things, everytimes i told my mom to halp me to buy so now, ihave many things is about KERORO, everyware in the locker, on the table and put in the boxes.

The picture of Hello Kitty

This picture shown on the left is one of my favorite. I use this picture on my computer screen. I found this picture in my e-mail, there are lots of Hello Kitty, but this one is my favorite.I like Hello Kitty very much, I have lots of them on my bed, but my mom says that is too many toy, so she threw some away, I'm so sad.

Keroro the race K prosperous star person (?) status squad Chief ?armed force Cao the weapon Kero ball (but now by iceplant storage in) his stong hit is the move cleans (?) Weakness only can play does not work originally does not calculate any, but he is a serviceman oh... loves the attractive cartoon, makes steel bomb tracing, plans the bored selfishness taste heavy aggression plan. In five person of squads' party chiefs (but did not know is how mixes). Presently resides temporarily Yu Jih to the family, has constructed the secret base under its room which an aggression uses, but the base maximum work with lays aside he most beloved steel bomb model. Usually must does the matter is handles Japan as well as makes the steel bomb model to the family.

The picture of our sky class

Hello!Do you see me! I am in the picture,the picture is sky class takes picture with ???. That day everyone was so happy. And I think ??? is so good at drawing, and the most interesting thing is hecan use he mouth to draw. Do youknow? It is hard to use mouth to draw.

My cute Hellokitty picture

The reason why I choose this picture is because I think Hellokitty is very cute and special to me.The landscape in the picture is beautiful, just like in the Japen.Hellokitty is Japen cartoon. I remember that the first time I went to Japen, the thing that my mom helped me to buy is all Hellokitty and I love it very much. The thing I wanted to say is I loved Hellokitty very much. Thankyou!

How to do the English homework? How to put the picture on the blogger?

....this week's homework= =

this is my favorite is when T.Viny birthday, everybody sing the
happy birthday song to her- -+ but...we sing very......(BAD= =) everybody wrote happy birthday to she ^~^~~

Friday, February 24, 2006

I want to swim !!!

Last night I dreamed about I awimming in the swimming pool all day ,but I THINK IT IS IMPOSIBILE!!!I hope I could swim because I have not been swimming half year !!!! I it is so terrible !!! I love swimming but my resistivity is too weak so I am always sick! Sick,sick ,sick,sick ,sick,sick ,sick...... always sick! I hate being sick, and I love swimming but I don't know why my defect couldn't get well ! Last semester I had just swamed only once! How could it be ? Why do the god have not to be such unfair to me? Why ??? I love swimming but the god couldn't let me to do ? I hope next time I could swim because if the god let me choose I would probability choose swim and Rita will probability choose being sick ,but because I love swiming ! and Rita doesen't . If you know how to swim ! I think you might think swimming is fun but if you not know how you maybe will fell boring.I hope when I am fell well I could swim !

This is me and my mother and my father went to Tokyo to play.Here is a very huge temple in Tokyo.It is also very old,but the things inside are advanced.When I went there it was noon,so it was very hot.I got my shirt all wet,but Iam very happy to went there.

The Beautiful Cherry Bloosom in Japan's Mount Fuji mountain

This is a wonderful picture that is full of beautiful, pink and colorful clerry blossom trees. It was in Japan's Mount Fuji mountain.I love this picture is because 1 I love cherry blossom, 2 is the mountain is very grand and 3 is because if the grand Mount Fuji mountain plus the profusion of color's Cherry Blossom tree is 100% wonderful. This picture isn't taken by me, but because I love the lovely Cherry Blossom so I found this on the internet ''Google''. I hope I could go there for winter vacation but I think maybe there is too cold for me so I didn't want to personally goes, but I still could look on the internet for many wonderful cherry blossom in Japan too! And if you like it go to Google's images and tipe Sakura or Oriental cherry or Cherry Blossom in chinese then you can find as beautiful picture as I found it !~ [^_^] [???]

The Tiny Motocycle

This is a picture of me riting aTiny Motocycle with my mother in Gigi. That day, my family went to Gigi to play, and we went to play theTiny Motocycle and set on the old tank that are to old to use.

My favorite picture

x-The Best Memory, Showing Everything-x

HI Everyone! This is also in Holland. When my two best american friends came to visit me.
The smaller picture ----- > is showing Caitlyn on a pony, and I'm teaching her how to ride pony sunny. She was good at it, but she fell off the horse when galloping. I then had to take out Jake, to train pony sunny again with how to treat strangers politely. It was fun. We all had a great time together. We went swimming, I got a trophy, we went bowling, Chanda and I got a trophy, and in Batminton, Caitlyn and I got a trophy, but with controling a big car/scooter, I was a very dangerous driver, because I made extremely sharp turns, so Chanda and Caitlyn got the trophy. I was left with bruises. Since we're in Taiwan now, I hope they can come and visit us again. When they do, I'm going to ask if they can come to school with me, so you can meet them. They are great friends!!!!!!


Teacher Michael! The crazy maze is really crazy!


Teacher Michael! The crazy maze is really crazy!

A challenge to all students (and parents)

Check out this crazy maze. You will need a steady hand! It nearly drove me to crazy town!!!

Use the mouse to help you find your way to the finish.

I know it looks simple and easy to do. Let's see how long it takes you!

crazy maze.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

This is Neptune !

This is Neptune and it has beautiful blue color !
And Neptune looks Gentle and clever, so Neptune and Saturn is my Faviorte

Our Swimming Class

I like today's swimming class, we play lots of things. But Rita didn't bring swimming suit, so I swim with Angel and Shannon. Me, Angel and Shannon were on the same teem, we have a contest. Shoannon is in the swimming teem, so of course, Shannon won the contest.
Willy, why don't you like the swimming class?

Robert will go to pray

Teacher Michael,tomorro morning I will not come. Because I will go pray my grandfather. OK?????????


I don't like today's swimming class.Very bad.=_=



Week Two Spelling Word!

Were is the week two spelling word. is a good game use W,A,S and D.Mouse can use to shot.Q and E to change gun.Bye!Bye!

What do you like ?

Hello! My name is ROBBIE, I go to school at Future Heir and I am from TAU class, My favorie food is ice cream or pizza, I like to playsoccer, baseketball, baseball and tennis. I have one father, one mother and one sister. Now what do you like? tell me!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Winter Vacation

In winter vacation i went to my grangma's house,because Chinese New Year was over,my grandma doesn't like living in city.My grandpa plant lot of vegetables in there,my family and i will live there for one day long.In the morning i woke up at seven o'colock,and i was so tired to walk,finishing my breakfast i wasn't tired anymore.I was so excited and fun until we reach,when we get off the car the first thing was received red envelope from grandma and grandpa .I was very happy my winter vacation was so fun,i hope everyday can go to grandm's house

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Do any of you have emails? If you have it can you put your e-mails in the comments. I wanted to send a very funny song of roof(chinese) and the song of four eyes sky chiken. I promised this 2 songs can make your tummy break(laugh too much). Also I will send comics, pictures, funny storys and maybe games.

Cool day

Ya today we test 27. And we went to play basball. So cool.

Monday, February 20, 2006

introduction of me

Hello, everybody. My name is Paul and my favorite music club is 183club and Eagle C. I like to eat crabs and pizzas. My favorite comics are Naruto, Keroro and Angus. I am 139 centimeters tall and I weigh 31.5 kilograms. The project that I liked best are English, P.E and science. I also like kabee, so I made kabee comic by myself.

My winter vacation

In winter vacation i went to my grandma's house ,because Chinese New Year was over,my grandma doesn't like living in city.My grandpa plants lot of vegetables in there,my family and i will live there for one day long.In the morning i woke up at seven o'clock ,and i was so tired to walk ,after finishing my breakfast i'm not tired anymore.I was so excited.

Cool moon waking

winter vacation I went to kaoshung played. We went to museum. I played moon walked and my kilogram is my real kilogram is my rael kilogram's 1/6. When we finished moon walked, I went flew airplane. But because need to wait 45 minute so I didn't flew it. Last I rode air bicycle. It was so fun, but it was a little scared, because it can move side. When we went out the museum,we went to love river.we sat a boat and we saw some birds. It was a fun day. >_<

My Boring Winter Vacation

My Winter vacation was boring . Do you know why?One saturday evening, I went to my friends house.Then we decided to ride a bike. I am so excited. We cross the road and ride the bicycle in the bigpark with many cars and amusment. But a terrible thing happened, the road I am riding has many stones. Later, a big stone was at the front of my bicycle. Then I fell down from the bicycle. I think that was the worst Winter vacation that I ever been.

amazing boy

My brother just burned forth months ago,and he know how to swim.
Yesterday, my mom brought us to swim,and Irace with my mom,she always lose.When my brother woke up,I help him to wear the braceley.He came to the swimming pool,and he knew how to swim.When he gots up,he felt a little tired,and he felt asleep.After that we went to bought the delicious food,I bought a kororo.Finally,we went home and eat yummy food.

AnimeNCartoon Fan

Hi my name is Joey and I like anime stuff like online drawings of FullmetalAlchemist and other comics that have been drawn by artists and pasted in the internet. I am a fan of anime characters so I intend to draw some which I did over the vacation. I drew a comic of my own and the title of my book was "The Cursed Book". It was a fuuny and exciting book that I havn't finished yet, but I think it will be finished by next week and I will send it to my best friend.

My fun vocation

Yesterday when I wake up I went to eat breakfast .when it is noon me and my family whent to eat lunch we eat many thihg me sister meet two new friend one name Vivi another name Debi.when they are playing I am playing my gameboy.When i whent back to home. I play comeputer maby two hour.

The most funniest thing in P.E 2/17

Yesterday, we played dodge ball at PE. Our team is all girls, so we boys were at the back. tThe other team is so strong we were out. Do you think this is funny?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My cousin's stingy eraser

This eraser is my cousin's eraser and it is Special and cool.He made it himself and named it" The thorn punctures clever"!!! (stingy eraser)

A reminder from Teacher Michael

Hello Tau class, I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Remember, if you do not post your Journal (math computation book) before the computer class, I WILL NOT be able to teach you some cool new things to do on our blog!

Good job to: Debby, Willy, Megan, Paul, Jacky, Robbie, Demi, Alfred, Rita and John.

See you tomorrow!

Hello, I'm Andy.

In winter my mom, my brother, my father and I went to tookyo disney land to play. first we playspace mountain the space car went very high and I thought it went so high maybe it will go very fast, but it didn't went down very fast. It almost killme if it go down very fast.That day is a fun day.

home work-PE class

Yesterday PE class was boring. We went to play Tomdragon and dodge ball. I like tomdroagon ,but I don't like to play dodge ball it is very boring. They always don't give us the ball to thow.When I caught the ball they all ways take it away ??.It is not fun to play dodge ball.

Go to Steven home

Today I will go to Steven's home to play .I am so happy!!!(new student don't know who is Steven he is my very best friend )

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Working Hard

working hard
Originally uploaded by tau.class.
Here's a picture of table 2 studying hard (maybe)!

Click on this picture to see all the students of Tau!

If you haven't posted your free writing blog yet then please do it now. Good job to all those who have!


(why everyone po thier work so fast=.=+.... homework)
next week when we are having morning rally, Johnson, Jacky,Eric,Joneson and me=.=+ will go on to the stage have a skit.The skit is about to study diligently and the story is..............
A and B is good friend, one day in class teacher ask 1+1=??? A answer is 2 so teacher ask another question 2+3=?? A answer again is 5, so teacher said very good.................
B student study very hard... first season is spring, A ride on horse and call B to play too.But B said he has to study very hard.So A go away......4 season past, it is the time for the big big test.....they have to go to the other place to have test. A person said B is the first in the test, but A think she= =+ is the first......

PS.A is me= = ,B is Johnson, teacher is Joneson, person said B is fist is Jacky..... Eric will to something= =


Who knows how to play golf ?

The PE class

Yesterday's PE class was a little borning but only at the end of the dedgeball game. In the beging of the dodeball game was fun because my best friend-Jeff and Robert was in my team, so we can play together and talk to each other


Yesterday because I'm bad behaving, my father told me that I can't play MapleStory this all semester and he'll delete MapleStory. I can use the computer only for homeworks and reports. This is a very bad news to me, when I heard this my heart almost jumped out of my body.

Friday, February 17, 2006

My Winter vacation

I had a fun winter vacation. I went window-shopping with my mom at the weekend. I went to Tauchung Park to see lantern, there was so many people, mu dad cn't even find a parking seat! My mom help me took many picrures with snoopy. But I saw that my mom's camera was almost vo elecrricity. The last day of winter vacarion, my and my family went to Tainan, we came up early. Finally, we were there, we went o climb a mountain, that was all made of salt! It was so strange! I like this winter vacation very much.

Some GREAT work and pictures!

I'm very happy to see all the great work you are doing and I'm excited to see what the other students in the class are going to say.

Here's a tip: instead of just writing "Journal" as the title of your post, think of something interesting to call it. This will make people want to read it more.

Also, you can now find a "link" to the spelling words underneath the names of all the students.

That's all folks, have a fantastic weekend!


Me, my sister and my mother went to korea. In this trip, I think the best is the amusement park. We went to the zoo first. Inside we saw the baby that is born by the lion and the tiger. It has a lion's head and a tiger's stripey body. Also we saw bears that make actions. When they did the action well, the driver will throw foods at them to give them to eat. The first picture is the bear, the second picture is the baby.


Hello! My name is Robbie, I am going to tell you my cool vacation.
This winter vacation, I went to Tainan to play, the first day we went to climb mountain when we cameback, we changed our cloths and go to the hotspring, it is very good to go there, because I got leighter.



I like to eat crab, too, Elaine~~.


My winter time I want to New Zealand and singapore for 9 days singapore 1 day and New Zealand 8 days. I salt 16 hours air plane to NEW zealand.It was a long time to me. When we got there is was morning 9 o'clock. I have play many many things like jat boat,sky line ,go to climd ice mountain, I saw kiwi and I play gold rush. I like is when we go to sat the jat boat it was so fast and the driver hand truns means our boat are going to truns around. It was a great winter.


Yesterday P.E class we played in TomDragon. In TomDragon all girls attacked me, jacky and Johnson. I was so angry plus happy, so I decide to defeat. Angel, Elaine and Demi is the girls team's leader. Next time when we play in TomDragon, I will "kill" them, you guys wait and see.


A Late Evening......

This morning, I woke up about 6 am to catch the school bus at 7.
But I was too tired to even open one eye. Well, that's because last night, I came home from school at a resonable time. When I got home, my parents decided that I could have a ten minutes break. So, I listened and read my book.

After the ten minutes, I took out my English homework. Stared down at the spellings and checked the words I didn't understand in the dictionary. I copied the meanings on a different piece of paper, then I wrote the definitions in my own words, made sentences containing the phrase, and then I put it into my schoolbag.

It didn't sound this easy. First I thought I couldn't use the dictionary, so, I did the first half with my own words and meanings. When I was really stuck, my parents told me to use the English dictionary to help me, for the second half of the spelling sheet. It didn't take me a long time, but I was mad at the dictionary, because some words weren't in!! At last, my dad and mom insisted on helping me.


This is a picture of me, when I was in Holland, Amsterdam.
In the winter, it always snowed. I LOVE IT!
It is always so nervous, because, in my old school, all the boys and girls
would throw snowballs at each other.^__^

The second picture is also in Holland, Amsterdam, when my cousin Jordy, came to visit me. The other boy, is a younger friend, Simon.

Science Fair

Today is Tuesday has the class I like the second-science,but Tr.Trevor said we will have science fair next two month.Oh!No!Science fair.I don't like science fair,but Tr.Trever told us if you go into the special science team you must do it,so I wish I don't go in the science team like this I don't need to do in the science fair.

Nine generations culture village

This picture is this winter vacation when I went to Nine generations culture village to illuminate.

Week 1 New Words Powerpoint!

Hi kids, here is a powerpoint of this weeks words. Use it to help you study and understand the meanings of the word.

When you start the powerpoint try and workout what each picture is, then spell the word and say its meaning.

I hope this helps you study. Remember the test is on Tuesday!

(ps. You should be able to open and save this on to your home computer.)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I am here now

This is a picture in New Zealand


This is a picture of when we finish climbing a mountain.

Hey man whats up!


Where is my spellingbook? Who eat it?


HELLO! this is my family, we are in Tawain the best hotel.


=..=+ kero...I don't know to say what a....

Our Great School

This is a picture of our school. It has been opened for almost two years. There are so many things to do here. It's great! The pictures shows the back of the school. We have a large running track and sports field as well as two basketball courts. Every breaktime these are filled with students playing games.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


YA! I love PE!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A reminder from T. Michael

Remember kids you must hand in your spelling words on Thursday. Also if you didn't finish the practice book pages (11, 17, 18, 19) please finish those for Thursday too.

Have fun and don't go to bed too late! :)


We have so much homework >_<

John is HERE!

Hello I am John! I love teacher Michael and Teacher Claire. School can sometimes be fun!

This is Robert!

I like to be a passenger on airplanes because it is very exciting!

My name is Elaine

Hi, I'm Elaine from Tau Class. My favorite food is crab! Bye bye.

I am Debbie

My name is Debbie . My favorite color is Pink.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Guess who am I ?

Guess who am I ? I am a girl that likes pink. I am happy every day. I like animals and I wear glasses. Last clue is I have an inborn spot (mole) on my face. Now do you know who I am ? [*_*] I'm joking !

About me

My name is Demi, I am a fifth grader. I learn in Future Heir Bilingual Elementary school. I like to play monkeybar with my friends during breaktime.My best friend is Angel, she is very good at playing monkeybar, she teaches me how to play monkeybar, she is just like a teacher.


Are you fine

Hello! my name is Robbie.

I am11 yearold, I am in Tau class, I like to play basketball.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Our Sports Day

sports day - 52
Originally uploaded by tau.class.
This is a photograph of our sports day in November. It was a great day and everyone looked very colorful! Click on the picture to see more photographs of students and teachers at our school.

Wow! Tau class on the web!

Hey there Tau class! Look what Teacher Michael has made for you. This is your website for you to use for anything you want. We will learn how to write things here and how to show our pictures and work to anyone who wants to see it.